American Beauty

American Pale Ale 5.6%

Belgian Trip

Abbey Tripel 10%

Bipolar Bear

White IPA 6.1%

Black Alligator

Black Saison 9%

Flying Rabbit

American IPA 6.5%

Dead Rabbit

Double IPA 9,5%

Invisible Bikini

Brown Porter 5.5%

Funky Fritz

Kölsch Style Ale 4,6%


Hefeweizen 6.1%

Summer Syndrome

Blonde Ale 4.9%

Black Mamba

Vanilla Milk Stout 7.1%

Sour Rise

Maracuja Sour Saison 5.9%

Coal Miners Never Torture Pink Donkeys.

Grisette with Raspberry & Mint 5.3%

My Dirty Beer Harassed Me Too.

New England Inspired IPA 6.2%

We Don't Like Pepperazzis.

Imperial Milk Stout 8.3%

Beard Doesn't Make You A Brewer

Extra Milk Stout 7.3%

Old Hops Are Never On Strike.

Continuously Hopped IPA w. "Bácskai"

Zeus Likes And Weds It.

Tokaji Barrel Aged Belgian Style Ale 5.2%

Cousin Avi

Wheat Wine 11.2%

Franky Four Fingers

Barley Wine 12.3%

Boris the Blade

Russian Imperial Stout 11.8%

Brick Top

Smoked Wheat Wine 9%


Braggot 9,2%