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MONYO Brewing Co. was established in 2014, in the heart of Kobanya, Budapest, to revolutionize microbrewing in Hungary. The main reason for creating a brewery was Adam Pein getting fed up with not being able to serve his bars’ guests with craft beer, as their quality was unstable and breweries were not able to maintain a constant, familiar taste. To achieve his goals he won over Antal Nemeth, who is presumably the best and most precise brewmaster in the country. MONYO Brewing is a place where people are driven by passion, knowledge and creativity. MONYO uses the latest technology, pays close attention to hygiene and uses only the best ingredients. MONYO is one of the fastest-growing breweries in Hungary, in 2015 we won the title 'Brewery of the year', and other foreign awards. MONYO Co. has both traditional and new wave beers. Our flagship product is Flying Rabbit IPA, in which the Citra hop guarantees a tropical flavour -orgy.

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Flying Rabbit

American IPA
ABV: 6,5%, IBU: 61, SRM: 12, PLATO: 16,3°

There are two ways of making American IPA. One is when you make beer from basic ingredients with basic techniques, and the added American hop will give the beer its character. The other is when you try to uniquely balance the flavor with the American hop, giving the beer its own character. Flying Rabbit is the latter. We use 5 different kinds of malt during brewing, then we add the popular Citra hop. It smells and tastes like a tropical fruit, starts out sweet with a bitter aftertaste. It was born to fly.

Black Mamba

Vanilla Milk Stout
ABV: 7.1%, IBU: 16 SRM: 41, PLATO: 18.2°

Liquid euphoria, soft bite in your heart. The Black Mamba has arrived! Extra Milk Stout brewed with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. Black color with medium, beige head. Aroma of toffee, coffee, and vanilla. Moderate sweetness (lactose) in taste with mild bitterness for balance. Flavors of milk chocolate and coffee. Creamy and soft.

Invisible Bikini

Brown Porter
ABV: 5,5%, IBU: 28, SRM: 28, PLATO: 13,1°

English dark beer can be produced in many different ways, but instead of a modern version ours follows a traditional English porter. We produce a relatable and popular Brown Porter. This is a dark beer which breaks the rules and has no sickeningly sweet aftertaste. When creating the recipe we used Maris Otter, the queen of malts, and added some characteristic ingredients such as peeled roasted malt, Brown Malt, caramel malt and the English hop, Fuggle. Who's it for? Hungarian dock workers and captains.

American Beauty

American Pale Ale
ABV: 5,6%, IBU: 32, SRM: 5, PLATO: 13,3°

This is a traditional American Pale Ale, a piece in a ground breaking beer revolution, and the American brother of the English Pale Ale. It is an easy drinking pale ale with medium alcohol percent, and a full hop flavour. Our own American Beauty is made with 100% Pale Ale malt, the noblest Maris Otter, mixed and flavoured with Chinook and Mosaic hops. The tasty and light American Beauty will wrap everyone around her fingers.

Bipolar Bear

White IPA
ABV: 6.1%, IBU: 40, SRM: 4, PLATO: 15.2°

Bipolar Bear is a White IPA, a mixture of traditional American IPA and spicy Belgian wheat beer (witbier). The orange citrus flavour and freshness of the coriander mixes with the bitterness of the IPA and the new wave Galaxy hop. Two styles in one bottle for adventurous people.

Summer Syndrome

Blonde Ale
ABV: 4,9%, IBU: 15, SRM: 4, PLATO: 11,8°

As the name suggests, Summer Syndrome was meant to be a seasonal beer, but it was so popular that we have to produce it all year. Summer Syndrome is a refreshing, light blond ale with hop aromas, not just for summer days. We used a dry-hopping method, so it is tasty instead of bitter. Light, peachy, flowery taste, light sparkle. Perfect for days on the beach, concerts, or just night outs in the park. Take a selfie with it and upload it to Instagram!


ABV: 6,1%, IBU: 11, SRM: 5, PLATO: 13,1°

Schatzi is a top to bottom Bavarian wheat beer. It smells and tastes like Bavarian wheat. You can taste some banana and clove mixed with citrus. The sourness perfectly balances with the full-bodied beer, which is caused by unfiltering. This beer is the result of complex fermentation, which makes the taste so balanced. It has the same strength as the blonde, blue-eyed waitresses at Oktoberfest.

Funky Fritz

Kölsch Style Ale
ABV: 4,6%, IBU: 23, SRM: 3, PLATO: 11,3°

The New Generation series introduces the young and talented brewers of MONYO Brewing. Our trainee, Fülöp Tihanyi as St. Stephen's University student grown up the typical yeast for us from almost one cell (WLP029). The finished beer became a straw yellow, light, pure type of Kölsch, the more it's taste malty notes and yeast esters and the fruity characters dominate, while the hops modestly in the background.

Dead Rabbit

Double IPA
ABV: 9,5%, IBU: 100, SRM: 4, PLATO: 19°

Classic West Coast DryHopped Imperial IPA (9.5%) with huge amount of Citra, Amarillo and Centennial Hops. Hazy golden colour, creamy medium body, and very dry and bitter ending with soft carbonation. Aroma is super super tropical fruity and the taste is the same. Lot of passion fruit, mango & grapefruit. A very well balanced and refreshy Double IPA despite the high alcohol content.

Coal Miners Never...

Grisette with Raspberry & Mint
ABV: 5,3%, IBU: 23,5, SRM: N/A, PLATO: 10,7°

First member of the Radical series. We twisted the traditional belgian type Grisette style with raspberry and fresh mint. And the final result is an extremely refreshing, summer beer at the beginning of a very hard winter.


ABV: 9,5%, IBU: 10, SRM: 6, PLATO: 21°

MONYO Brewing Co. introduces its first historical beer that takes you back to ancient Egypt. The recipe was inspired by a 3000-year-old ceramic artefact, in which the remains of ancient beer were discovered. This gave the idea for this archaic beer that was made with the use of exquisite ingredients like silkweed-honey, saffron, golden raisin and grape juice. It is named after Anubis, the Egyptian god of mummification and the dead, who ushered the souls into the afterlife.

Sour Rise

Maracuja Sour Ale
ABV: 5,4%, IBU: 5,7, SRM: 5, PLATO: 13,1°

MONYO Brewing Co. introduces its first sour ale, Sour Rise. This light, fruity summer beer was made with the use of passion fruit puree, and was soured with Lactobacillus and Pediococcus. It was brewed with rye malt that complements the sour characteristics. A real explosion of tropical flavors with an orange color and passionfruit scent. It is refreshingly bitter, the perfect thirst-quenching beverage for hot summer days.

Franky Four Fingers

Barley Wine
ABV: 13%, IBU: 55, SRM: 23, PLATO: 22,5°

Our most complex beer, the high alcohol percentage has nothing to do with any additional sugar. Made from traditional English ingredients, Maris Otter malt and Fuggle hop. It was aged in the bottle for a whole year to get its perfect characteristics. The result is a thick, red, rich malt drink. It tastes like sherry mixed with the aromas of the Fuggle hop. The Franky and Boris beers are limited editions, and are either in a 0,375 l or a 1,5 bottle. Only a few thousand are made. Each bottle has its own number and the year of production written on it, which is important because each year we keep the first 120 beers. We plan to make a special collection in the following years, which will contain the saved bottles.

Cousin Avi

Wheat Wine
ABV: 11.2%, IBU: 33, SRM: 6, PLATO: 25,6°

Wheat Wine is very similar style to Barley Wine, but in this type wheat malt ratio reach the 70%. A hazy orange color with thin white head. Aroma is bready with subtle notes of caramel and honey. Dry body, high alcohol content and smooth mouthfeel. Malt flavors dominate, showing a medium wheaty backbone, with some fruitnees, like apricot. It's a real curiosity. The Franky, Boris & Avi beers are limited editions, and are either in a 0,375 l or a 1,5 bottle. Only a few thousand are made. Each bottle has its own number and the year of production written on it, which is important because each year we keep the first 120 beers. We plan to make a special collection in the following years, which will contain the saved bottles.

Hungarian Terroir: Sopron

Blaufränkisch RIS 2018
ABV: 10.5%, IBU: 38, SRM: 60, PLATO: 22°

The second member of the series was made for 10th edition of Borefts Beer Festival. In every year the organizers (Brouwerij De Molen) give a topic/theme for the breweries to brew a dedicated beer for the festival. In this year had to be brewed a stout with 9+1 ingredients and the breweries could choose anything for the 10th ingredients. We chose Blaufränkisch (Kékfrankos) red wine grape for this project. We worked together with a Pfneiszl Estate from Sopron. We added directly a few litres of their Premium Blaufränkisch wine to the beer, and after that we aged the beer in the same Blaufrankisch Red Wine Barrels for months. The result is very impressive. Deep-black color with massive beige head. Thick, rich and strong taste with soft carbonation. Roasted barley, dark chocolate and coffee dominates in aroma and taste. The wine added some fruitness (dried fruits, blueberry) and a little acidity to the beer.

Boris the Blade

Russian Imperial Stout
ABV: 11.8%, IBU: 23, SRM: 46, PLATO: 25.3°

Traditional Russian Imperial Stout made with 7 different malts, it has rich taste and rich smell. The full-bodied, dark and thick drink is aged for a year for the perfect ratio of the hop and the malt. High alcohol percentage, berries and dried fruits with a light caramel-truffle finish. It is a beer to remember. The Franky and Boris beers are limited editions, and are either in a 0,375 l or a 1,5 bottle. Only a few thousand are made. Each bottle has its own number and the year of production written on it, which is important because each year we keep the first 120 beers. We plan to make a special collection in the following years, which will contain the saved bottles.

Hungarian Terroir: Villány

Spontan Syrah 2017
ABV: 8.1%, IBU: 10, SRM: N/A, PLATO: 18.1°

The Hungarian Terroir Series was created for beers that are completely unique and unrepeatable. These beers are made with some special local ingredients, like fruits, spices or barrels. Furthermore the role of the producer is also very important. The first member of the series it's a collaboration brew with the Heumann Winery from Villány. Spontaneously fermented beer with Syrah pomace. After the fermentation we put the beer to Hungarian Syrah Red Wine Barrels for a year. The result is a very complex beer.Aroma is funky, a little brett and soft vinous notes. Taste is mildly sour with some Syrah red wine notes.

Hungarian Terroir: Tokaj

Spontan Hárslevelű 2018
ABV: 5.4%, IBU: N/A, SRM: 5, PLATO: 13°

Spontaneously fermented beer with Hárslevelű Pomace from Tokaj. Collaboration brew with Gizella Winery, Tokaj.

Monyo Brewing Co.


Monyo Brewing Co.


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